Trained to identify disease –vanquish it, cure it, Cary Metcalf, a small-town doctor, travels to New York City to volunteer at Empire Hospital during the pandemic. Not knowing what to expect, he’s horrified by room after room of dying coronavirus victims he can’t save. Working 12-hour shifts alongside the dangerous, highly-contagious disease challenges his energy, vigilance, and dedication.

Sarah Linden, a teacher isolated from her students, cut off from friends by divorce, is overwhelmed by the threat of the disease. On her own, she struggles with loneliness, fear, and depression.

Bunking in with his aunt, across the hall from Sarah, Cary faces homelessness when his aunt gets sick. Not knowing where to turn, he accepts Sarah’s offer of her spare room. Fighting to keep an even keel emotionally and grappling with work challenges – Cary and Sarah find understanding, and solace in their blossoming friendship.  Will unforgettable times create unforgettable bonds?








“Ok i wanted to read it slow and take it all in and omg i just finished it and I am literally sitting here crying my eyes out. Just absolutely loved this book. Im blown away ❤️❤️❤️ This book is absolutely powerful and gut wrenching and pretty much how some of us can connect with Sarah and her fears,but like I said I’m just crying and just absolutely in love with it.you did such a fantastic job on this book and kept it as real as it can get and connects with the readers. Absolutely Phenomenal ”  TO