First & Ten Series






Football Romance series

Griff Montgomery, Quarterback – Book 1

Buddy Carruthers, Wide Receiver – Book 2

Pete Sebastian, Coach  – Book 3

Devon Drake, Cornerback – Book 4

Bullhorn Brodsky, Offensive Line – Book 5

Trunk Mahoney, Defensive Line – Book 6

Harley Brennan, Running Back – Book 7

Overtime, the Final Touchdown – Book 8

A Kings’ Christmas – Book 9

Tuffer’s Christmas Wish – short story

FABULOUS TRAILER made by my friend, Carolyn Wren. 

2 Responses to First & Ten Series

  1. carmella says:

    God, I love this series, especially coach’s story. I hope it will be trunk Mahoney’ s story, because I think he is a gentle giant.your writings are so wonderful so keep typing away as you are very talented.

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