Now and Forever, the Beginning

Campus virgin meets Viet Nam vet ready to add her to his list of conquests.  It’s 1968, on the Washington, D. C., campus of Jefferson University, where healthy libidos beat studies every Saturday night. Except for Ellen Wells, a young woman determined to hold on to her virtue at all costs.

Can a serious young man who repeatedly faced death in the hot, stinking jungles of Asia navigate the sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll life on a college campus in 1968? Changed from a boy to a man by four years in Viet Nam, Sam Caldwell enters Jefferson College in Washington, D.C. on the G.I. Bill. Serious about his studies but not about women, Sam sees the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen up close on his first day as a college student.

Looking for love, not a one-night-stand, Ellen stands firm, insisting on celibacy, despite her strong attraction to Sam Caldwell. Obsessed with his determination to have her, Sam leaves his heart unguarded. Will Ellen hang on to her resolve? Will Sam respect Ellen or move on to a more willing companion?

Obstacles and challenges abound in this rousing tale of love and lust, prequel to the entire Now and Forever series. This adventurous love story is told in 106 short, nail-biting episodes. The book has been professionally edited and proofread.














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