The Marriage List


Can happily ever after start with a list?
Grey Andrews thinks so. After ten years of working, saving and investing, Grey finally achieved a level of wealth that allows him to do what he wants with his life. He needs a woman to share it with, but not any woman, the perfect woman, one who possesses the three essential qualities on his marriage list. After three years of searching, he isn’t any closer to finding her than he was when he started out.
Carrie Tucker, an aspiring mystery writer and divorcée struggling to make it in the world of advertising, turned her focus from men to her career after dating too many creeps and losers. She’s finally earned her big break, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become the first female creative director in a hot New York ad agency. So what if it means working nights and weekends? It’s not like she has a social life anyway.
Is Grey’s marriage list a failure or will it prove to be the key to his happiness after all?


A nationally and internationally best-selling book. $3.99

Heat level  – 4 flames.







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What people are saying about The Marriage List:

“The Marriage List is one of those romance novels that makes you smile with that glowing, all is right with the world, feeling.”  K.B.

“You will instantly fall in love with Grey the leading male. Women will fall in love with him and men will want to be him”  T.

“I fell in love with Grey immediately. He is the man every woman wants to find. Carrie is strong & caring. I was totally enthralled by this story.”  L.G.

“Finally a book were the main characters have a normal human relationship.”  S.L.

“The Marriage List had me laughing out loud as well as pulling for Grey and Carrie. This was a great read, I highly recommend!”  A.B.

” If you enjoy a romantic sexy romp you may find yourself grinning and giggling, and even gasping as these two New York go getters find each other. Fun!”  L.M.

“…the Marriage list was a light enjoyable read. The characters were likable, the supporting characters, especially Grey’s sister Jenna were wonderful. I loved the banter between Grey and Jenna. I thought Carrie Tucker was a great female lead, smart, sassy, and a real go getter, but underneath a little insecure (just like us all) I could really relate to her.
The romance progressed at a nice pace, the love scenes were hot, and the chemistry was great between Grey and Carrie.
Overall, a wonderful read for a gloomy afternoon that leave you with a smile on your face and a lighter heart….”  T. H.

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