To Love or Not to Love

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At 28, beautiful  Miranda Bradford had given up on men ( since they seemed to have given up on her!) She’d put her life on hold to support her sick mother and sister in college. Which meant: she wasn’t available for “overnight dates,” walked dogs to feed her family, and had little time to pursue what she loved most: playwriting….

When real estate tycoon Penn Roberts was knocked down in Central Park by one of her dogs, he realized it was Miranda who was the knockout  with her voluptuous figure, teal blue eyes, peaches-and-cream complexion, and long hair dark as midnight. Their attraction was instantaneous: like a flash fire setting them each aflame – unexpected and undeniable. And neither of them would ever be the same….

Was it fate they met – or fatal? Would Penn, aka Mr. Hottie, prove to be Mira’s best friend and most sizzling lover or the architect of her greatest betrayal? Compassionate like his late mother – or ruthless like his father? Woo her beyond her wildest dreams or wound her savagely? Heart-broken and confused, she turns to her girlfriends (and their pugs!) at The Manhattan Dinner Club….

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