Now and Forever Series


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ONLY $0.99  – NOW AND FOREVER 1, A LOVE STORY or free in Kindle Unlimited.

Not your cookie cutter combination of romance and suspense. Grad student recovering from tragedy heads to the university to improve her life. She meets the dean and his adorable toddler. Fireworks! Love is in the air, and so is revenge from a campus drug ring. Heart-warming love, and edge of your seat suspense. You’ll never figure out who the ring leader is. Get it here:



Struggling with PTSD, newly civilian, Danny, is hired to teach college. When he meets the lady dean, he has more on his mind than schoolbooks. A chance encounter with his jailbird father threatens Danny and the people he loves. Will he shoot to kill or control his rage and find another way? Find it here:



This magnum opus had three love stories — one for Mac’s father, one for his brother, and one for a professor and her immigrant landlord. Too much to describe. See for yourself.

Get it here:



Dumped by her husband on the eve of the trip of a lifetime, Kit is left homeless. Finding an old house to rent means allowing the owner to renovate it with the intention of selling. But who’s getting the makeover — the house or Kit?  Get it here:




Taking a perilous journey for her stepson, Callie ropes Kaitlyn in to help. When Chase Lawson comes back to town, Kaitlyn finds herself the main interest of the man who broke her heart. Has he changed or is he still the womanizer who left in danger that fateful night at the County Fair? Get it here:



Journey back to the 1960’s, and the university where Mac’s dad met his mom. Be a fly on the wall during the days when women said “no”, and men never gave up trying to change it to “yes.” This is a modern historical. Get it here:



Relive the tragedy and heartbreak that drove Callie Richards to seek a new life. Get the novella here:




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