Love’s Last Chance (Hollywood Hearts, Book 5)


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“I absolutley love this cover! Dorrie is living every woman’s dream. She is ready to settle down and had three men in her past she cared about and wondered if any of them could be the one. So while in New York for a few weeks she arranges a date with each of the three to see if there are any possibilities. Her ex-fiancé Gunther also is trying to get her to come back also and she finds there is one more man interested. What women wouldn’t love to have 4 hot men fighting for her attention?
As usual this is a very fabulously well written story. The characters are all very interesting, the men hot and charming, each with his own issues. Dorrie is such a fun character with such deep emotions. She knows what she wants form a man and won’t settle for anything less. Go Dorrie!
The plot is intriguing and the story isn’t easy to figure out who she will choose until the very end. I was on the edge of my seat, biting my nails. Then there is Gunther, the hot alpha male I love to hate. This is one of my favourite stories in this series!
If you like strong male leads, choreographers, a strong, smart, sexy female heroine, hot, sexy strong men, this story is for you!” C.B.



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