Shine Your Love On Me (Manhattan Dinner Club#3)


eBook only #2.99

When a hot career and a hot romance collide in this sensuous story,  Brooke Felsen’s life goes up in flames and her visions of corporate glory turn to ashes. She’s worked her gorgeous tush off in a Madison Avenue advertising agency 24/7, winning fame, fortune, and the steamy passion of her sexy, single boss. Until he suddenly dumps her — and her carefully constructed existence crumbles like day old bread.

Desperate to put her life back together like Humpty Dumpty, Brooke turns to her girlfriends  at The Monday Night Dinner Club, all pug owners, and to her grandmother, her “rock” since her hippie parents’ sudden death. Savvy, stylish, wise and witty at 70 plus, Nan introduces  her to Pres Carpenter, the hand-some, hunky dog-walker for her pugs, who’s got the hots for Brooke. Is he just a struggling writer, eager to earn extra money? Or an unlikely “catch,” a real life Prince Charming, hiding his own heartbreak and family secrets.  Struck by their sizzling chemistry, Brooke can’t ignore the melting desire she feels for Pres, the very opposite of everything she ever thought she wanted! And she’s surprised and delighted by Nan’s friends, smart, lovable, laugh-out-loud seniors, who help her rebuild her life beyond her wildest dreams.





Interview with The Book Club’s John Austin


4.0 out of 5 stars Great series continues!!!! July 20, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition
This is a gem among a whole bunch of rocks. There are a lot of so-so books out there and so-so series, but the Manhattan Dinner Club series is terrific. It showcase a group of strong women who no matter what gets thrown at them, stick together, help each other without tearing each other down and of course there is the food, pugs, and MEN! Finally we get to Brooke’s story. She experienced tragedy early on in life that she used to shape herself into the exact opposite of her parents. Brooke thinks she has worked to get everything she ever wanted……the perfect job, perfect boyfriend, and perfect apartment. Funny how life has a way of helping you get your priorities straight. Love the interaction between Brooke and who she thinks is a poor dog walker but you can’t always tell a book by its’ cover. When Brooke is thrown a curve ball, her grandmother along with the Dinner Club, help her come to terms with her childhood and help her find her way back to where she belongs. Love the seniors and of course the Dinner Club meetings! There is romance, but it isn’t just that, there is family love, friend love, Pug love, and of course self love. Great writing!


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4.0 out of 5 stars Another hit for the Manhattan Dinner Club June 14, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition

4 1/2 starsI’m not going to tell you about the book…(that’s what the synopsis is for) I will however, tell you what I thought and felt as I read it.This was another good story…not as good as number 1 but still a great book. The story line was good. Not sure why, but this book seemed to be written a little differently than 1 and 2. Brooke seemed to cry every other chapter. I didn’t expect her to be so emotional. But, the dialogue flowed well and overall it was a good read. I didn’t get my “normal” heart twinges as I call them when emotional conflict erupted (which was a lot if you go by Brooke’s tears)

I liked Pres. He wasn’t a hot alpha male, but a down to earth guy who turned his back on his families fortune and struck out on his own.

This is a multi pov book but could have used a lot more of Pres’s (esp. when he is gone to Cal). Can not wait to read book 4 – Miranda’s story. All in all this continues to be a great series as long as the other books are as well written as the first one.

You will not go wrong by reading this book.


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4.0 out of 5 stars Shine Your Love on Me June 25, 2014
By Sara C
Format:Kindle Edition
This was a great book, and I think it keeps in line with books one and two. I found it a little difficult to like Brooke at the beginning, she was hard for me to connect to, but I love her growth through the story. I liked that there was more inclusion of the dinner club, but I felt it was at the expense of the story line between Brooke and Pres. Pres was a great character, strong and steady, willing to put in the time both in his career and his relationship with Brooke. I would have liked to see him more in the story, when he leaves town, he kind of just disappears from the story until he comes back to Brooke. I loved the character of Nan, and all her crazy friends. They really helped to round out Brooke’s transformation from career minded to forgiving her parents and caring about people for who they are rather than what they are.I can’t wait to read the next book in the series! I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who has started the series, and if you haven’t, I suggest starting with book 1 to get the whole picture.


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By Mindy G
Format:Kindle Edition
I loved Brookes story. I think she cried, a lot. I really like how Ms. Joachim goes into the next book by a phone call or issue in the previous book, but it doesn’t end up at the beginning of the book. I would definitely recommend this book! Pres is not an alpha male, but instead he goes off on his own instead of following what his family wants for him. It seems to be written a little differently than the other books, but I liked it anyway. I enjoy the two points of view so we are not left guessing what the other is thinking. I cannot wait for Miranda’s story!


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4.0 out of 5 stars A Great Addition To A Wonderful Series July 22, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition
I know I say this all the time, but we really do need those half stars here on Amazon, because this book is a solid 4 1/2 star read.Ms. Joachim delivers once again! This was a wonderfully written sensual romance, filled with sharp banter, love, friendship, and pugs. The author had me laughing out loud in spots, snarling in anger in others, then fanning my face during the bedroom scenes. I do like it when a book can move me such strong emotions. Shine Your Love On Me is a fantastic addition to a highly entertaining series!
4.0 out of 5 stars Good read June 21, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition
Really enjoyed this book. Not quite as much as i did the first 2, but still a great book. Brooke doesn’t seem to start off as much of a strong woman, but by the end of the book she’s definitely proven herself. Absolutely loved Pres. He doesn’t really fall under the “alpha” title. He has strong beliefs and wants to make his own name in life and not have to follow in others footsteps. Perfect read for the beach or any vacation spot.

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