Moonlight and Roses (Prequel)

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Heat level – sweet

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Review by: Carly Wallace on Oct. 06, 2011 : star star star star star
Hi y’all Anne here I just finished reading Moonlight and Roses by Jean Joachim and what a sweet and honest story. This is absolutely a story for women scorned, who can appreciate the females softer views on life and love which I can. I love the characters in this book the men are sweet jerks, the mother a lovable romantic who’s story of love is also threaded through this book, and then Caroline then leading lady is so gullible and sweet it’s hard not to feel her constant pain of going through all these jerks. Her story goes the way she thinks it should up until life and love play a horrible turn on her. If you enjoy a sweet story which will touch any heart that has ever been broken then this book is for you and I’m excited to move to the next in the series Sunny Days and Moonlit Nights I can’t wait to see what awaits Caroline next. 5 out of 5 stars for Moonlight and Roses.

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