Champagne for Christmas

A contemporary holiday romance that starts in the country and travels into the glitzy glitter of New York City at Christmas. A steamy, funny, emotional story with a happy ending you’ll never see coming!

Champagne for Christmas Chapter One

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Title: Champagne For Christmas

Author: Jean C. Joachim

Sub-Genre(s): Contemporary, Holiday

Publisher: Moonlight Books

Publication Date: December 3, 2011


Format: eBook from Author

Reviewer: Dawne

Rating: 4.5 Cups
Joachim knows how to wrap a reader into a story line. The connection between Nina and Clint is done flawlessly, from the beginning with the Mint chip ice cream to the way Nina connects with Clint’s son, Cory, I applaud this novel at every turn. I have to admit I was expecting a May-December (summer) romance and almost had that…but Joachim’s twist of unconditional love prevails.

The dialogue is in-depth, the characters’ connection is credible and the realistic events added to the story are concise. The way Joachim honed in on the little idiosyncrasies, adding Norman Fallon (Nina’s ex-lover) with a spin of jealousy on Clint’s behalf to having Clint disappear from Nina’s life for a short time, bestowed a fabulous change of events making me think, “Oh no, this can’t be happening.”

This holiday novel is highly recommended for believers of romance and true love triumphing over all other issues in life. Praise to Joachim for making an enchanting read as well as giving me hope for genuine love and chance meetings.

LOVE THIS AUTHOR! <Dec.20,2011>December 21, 2011

Format:Kindle Edition
1. Lisa Kleypas
2. Karen Mason
3. Jean Joachim!
This author is ALWAYS on my “must-read list”. Just in time for Christmas it’s an intelligent, adult story.
Please do yourself a favor– READ IT!

Romantic Holiday Novel!December 16, 2011

Format:Kindle Edition
I am a big fan of Jean Joachim’s romance novels, so I always look forward to her latest one. This one lives up to my expectations. I love that the setting is in New York City, which is always so festive and romantic around the holidays. It’s great to read a romance about a mature woman in her 40s who finds true love with a younger man. The love story was very believable, and Joachim understands the role children can play in relationships. Her portrait of Cory, the young teenager adjusting to his dad’s romance, was so charming. I always feel great after reading one of Joachim’s books. I feel as though I’ve been on a journey with just enough conflict and with characters who are true to life and basically good hearted. Treat yourself to a great evening in front of a fireplace with this novel! It is sure to leave you with a happy glow of contentment.

One of the best christmas novels this season!!December 14, 2011

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Jean Joachim’s novel Champagne for Christmas gave me the gift of the holiday spirit. There have been so many Christmas novels this year and while I have enjoyed them all I would have to say that Champagne for Christmas is my favorite. It’s a wonderful love story about two people from different age groups and economic circumstances. The love they share is intense and puts an instant smile in your heart. The novel takes place in New York City and Jean wove her magic and made me feel as though I had the NYC Christmas experience. The vivid details made it easy to imagine being there. The roller-coaster of Nina and Clint’s relationship kept from putting the book down. I’m so glad that I put her novel to the top of my to be read pile- so worth it!!!
5.0 out of 5 stars A Must Read Romance!,December 30, 2011
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Champagne for Christmas (New York Nights) (Kindle Edition)

With such vivid descriptions, I often felt like I was right there in the scene! The romance between Nina and Clint was sweet while their passion ran HOT! Two people at different stages of life, but who find love, happiness, and the joy of working together. Champagne for Christmas will remind you of what is really important in life.

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