You Belong to Me

Cal promised to wait for her. It was only for one year while Giselle pursued her dream job in Paris. Devastated when he marries someone else, she remains in Europe. When her failing eyesight forces her to abandon her work, she returns to Pine Grove–only to find that Cal, now a widower with a young son, lives across the street.

Each nurses a broken heart and vows to never let that happen again. But a small boy brings them together in unexpected ways. Can they move beyond the past to rebuild trust and a future together? Or will the truth of what happened all those years ago keep them apart?

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April 2, 2019

This book was absolutely Amazing and Heartbreaking and made you feel what the characters were going through and you felt their pain. I have to say this is absolutely my favorite book this year. The characters were absolutely incredible and the storyline flowed from the beginning until the end and heck I want more from them. Jean Joachim you absolutely stoked my heart with this book. Thank you for letting me review this Amazing book.  T.O.
Pug Mom

April 1, 2019

Format: Paperback
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 Great Read April 1, 2019
You Belong to Me is a beautiful second chance book. A young couple, Cal and Giselle, separates (for what she believes will be one year) so she can follow her dream when a great opportunity arises. Something happened at home causing her to remain overseas. Without giving the rest of the plot away, Ms. Jochim has written a believable story of young lovers reunited over difficult circumstances and finding their way back to each other. A lovely story about choices and consequences. I received this as an ARC for my review.